Bring It On! A Simple Change In Mindset Makes All The Difference


This is me flipping into Lake Tapps prepping for a 2.4 mile open water swim at race pace.
Photo Credit: Eivind Naess

It’s been forever since my last post and a whole lot has happened since I wrote about taking a Beginner’s Mind approach to my training. Without boring you too much with the details, here are some of the highlights: 1) I’ve peaked in my training volume and am now, at long last, in the taper phase; 2) we sold our house and bought a new one; 3) my better half graduated from nursing school (woohoo!), passed the license exam, interviewed, and got a job as an ER nurse; 4) well, there’s more but I’ll leave it there. You get the idea…it’s been a wee bit busy.

Just one year ago, I would have said “NO WAY! It’s impossible” to balance the training I’ve taken on in addition to everything else we’ve been tackling as a family. Continue reading “Bring It On! A Simple Change In Mindset Makes All The Difference”

How to Short-circuit the “Expert”

“In the mind of the expert, they say there are very few possibilities but in the beginner’s mind, there are infinite possibilities .”

–Jon Kabat-Zinn


My almost 2 year old daughter is fearless! No matter the danger, she is willing to try everything. “I DO IT MYSELF!” is frequently heard at a volume of 11 around our house, in the backyard, and in local parks as she tries to do things that seem way too difficult from my “expert” perspective as her father. My 4 year old son is a little different.

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Are You a Worrier? Me Too!: How Worrying Can Help Us and Hurt Us

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning in early April in the Pacific Northwest and I’m well aware that we got lucky. I’m about to bike an organized 100km for the first time with a training partner of mine. I wake up at 5am, make coffee, and start to check things off of my list of “to dos”. Continue reading “Are You a Worrier? Me Too!: How Worrying Can Help Us and Hurt Us”

Keep It Simple…!

At 5:40am last Friday, I was attempting to explain the main set of a swim workout to the dedicated triathletes who join me every Monday and Friday morning. The operative word: attempting. I was explaining the set over and over in different ways trying to get my point across and to ensure that my fellow triathletes knew what to do but in doing so, I just made things more confusing. Some blank stares ensued, I’m pretty sure I was lost at that point, we were all getting cold, and I remember saying out loud “keep it simple, Continue reading “Keep It Simple…!”

Flip the Switch

“Flip the switch”, “Two sides to every coin”, “Flip it on its head”. These are just a few of many phrases that people latch onto that essentially mean the same thing: THINK DIFFERENTLY! Cognitive restructuring (i.e., changing how we think) is a technique commonly used in psychotherapy and something I’ve done time and time again with my clients. However, David Goggins (click here for his bio and I promise, if you don’t know him, you’ll be impressed) hammers this point home better than I’ve ever heard in Rich Roll’s Podcast just one week ago.

When we push ourselves to the limit, we get closer and closer to who we really are. Continue reading “Flip the Switch”

Motivation: How to Get the Thrill Back

If you’re anything like me, at one point or another you’ve probably found it difficult to do things like get out of bed in the morning, do the dishes, drive that 56 minute commute to work every day, or hit the stop button when you’re binging on this past season of Game of Thrones. A lack of motivation is simply an inescapable human experience and, since I’m human, I’m unfortunately no different. In fact, I may be the world’s worst when it comes to getting out of bed in the morning; and it’s particularly difficult when getting up means that I’ll soon be jumping into the pool.


The Thrill is Gone” is a song that can sum things up pretty well when I think about swimming competitively. Although Roy Hawkins Continue reading “Motivation: How to Get the Thrill Back”

Winston Churchill, My Observations, and Why I’m Improving


The great Winston Churchill is known for the famous quote: “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”. Churchill had a way of cutting right to the chase while connecting with a whole lot of people. There’s a lot

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