Bring It On! A Simple Change In Mindset Makes All The Difference


This is me flipping into Lake Tapps prepping for a 2.4 mile open water swim at race pace.
Photo Credit: Eivind Naess

It’s been forever since my last post and a whole lot has happened since I wrote about taking a Beginner’s Mind approach to my training. Without boring you too much with the details, here are some of the highlights: 1) I’ve peaked in my training volume and am now, at long last, in the taper phase; 2) we sold our house and bought a new one; 3) my better half graduated from nursing school (woohoo!), passed the license exam, interviewed, and got a job as an ER nurse; 4) well, there’s more but I’ll leave it there. You get the idea…it’s been a wee bit busy.

Just one year ago, I would have said “NO WAY! It’s impossible” to balance the training I’ve taken on in addition to everything else we’ve been tackling as a family. I’m not the type to give up so I would have pushed through…I take pride in that kind of thing for some reason. However, I can tell you with the utmost confidence that I would have been a whole lot more overwhelmed and miserable and my training and likely my performance at Ironman Canada this weekend (yep, THIS weekend!) would have suffered as a direct result of my chosen misery. I say “chosen” on purpose. It has everything to do with how I think about my circumstances, specifically how I interpret adversity.

For some reason, two scenes from two of my favorite stories have been coming to mind often lately and I apply them to my busy life and difficult workouts. The first: Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump screaming into a crazy storm: “Is that all you got?!” (Below is a still shot of the epic scene).


The second scene: The Count of Monte Cristo watches on as Albert (a teenage boy) is being threatened and he tells the would-be killers “Do your worst, for I will do mine!”. These scenes, best illustrate how I’ve restructured my thinking in a way to take on this balancing act of life and, in fact, be willing to say “Bring it on!” because I want to see what I’ve got. I want to be tested; I welcome it because without adversity I know I won’t reach my potential.

Over the past several months, Ironman training has been a microcosm of my life. There have been improvements and challenges. There have been moments where big decisions need to be made to serve a variety of potential desired outcomes. There have been moments between the moments that have made the difference. There have been successes. There have been failures. There have been the “getting back up” moments and the monumental moments before the “getting back up” moments that don’t get any nearly enough credit. I can truly say I love it and to do so means that I love life! Bring it on!

Until Next Time…


The Cognitive Restructuring Technique I Use—The ABC Model (Ellis)

A: Antecedent-What Happened First?

B: Belief-What did you believe about what happened?

C: (Emotional) Consequences-What did you feel?

D: Dispute your beliefs with rationality

E: Emotional Change



2 thoughts on “Bring It On! A Simple Change In Mindset Makes All The Difference

  1. Training this year has been bitter sweet. Having worked through the sprint and the Olympic distances the two previous years, I was poised and prepared to tackle the half Ironman this year.

    There was all the “life” things you discussed and then some. Then an injury. Simply kicking a beach ball into the pool totally derailed training. Sprained ligaments. Four weeks and counting.

    I’m keeping up with the bike (35 miles yesterday) and some of the swimming… the run–forgetaboutit.

    I love your attitude, though, and will embrace it moving forward: “BRING IT!”

    Thanks for your words. Thanks for your work. Best to you and yours. Curating for the tribe.


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